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Your Revenue and Marketing Forecast for Other Countries

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How often do people search
for your products?

How much should you
spend on advertising?

At which prices can you sell your
products in which country?

How much revenue can you expect
at which sales costs?

How intense would the competition
be in the other countries?

Exact Forecast of your Business Potential for all Countries
– based on your Products and Google Campaigns

Find out how much revenue you can generate in which other country at which advertising costs. Emarketing is the perfect solution to grow international. This global market analysis is for free. Simply connect your Google Ads account or webstore with emarketing. Based on your product data feed emarketing will estimate precisely what the demand in other countries exactly is and how much the advertising costs will be. Thus, you get a clear picture into which countries you can expand with reasonable effort and how great your potential is.


Free Marketing Automation Tool for Your Shopify Store


What is a Product Data Feed ? (emarketing)


How to See Better Competitor Data (Product Overview)

The connection between all e-commerce and advertising platforms

Market your online store worldwide on all relevant platforms and increase your sales with emarketing! emarketing offers the right plugin for every relevant store system. In just a few steps you can easily advertise on all advertising platforms like Google Shopping, Facebook Ads and Instagram. The emarketing plugins make sure that the data feed is retrieved regularly and that all tracking pixels of Google, Facebook and Instagram are installed correctly at the right places in your webshop. If you combine several advertising platforms with emarketing, you also benefit from so-called cross-platform learning. This means that all statistics can be retrieved from all platforms and then the missing learnings can be used profitably on other platforms (such as converting customer profiles). This statistically increases the success of your campaigns by another 12%.

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Competition in Ecommerce is Fierce

Competitor research is essential for any ecommerce store. Knowing your competitors helps you sell more and emarketing takes the stress out of your competitor research.

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Find competitors on various platforms


Keep up with competitor research and updates on price, products and more


See real time competitor data get alerts for major market moves


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Boost your ecommerce sales with the #1 solution for ecommerce advertising. emarketing is the tool for ecommerce stores to maximize their marketing performance.


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