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Get straight to growing your business

Whether you already advertise or want to start right away, emarketing has you covered.

Ecommerce conversion chart with total revenue, ad spend, and number of conversions presented in emarketing orange


Get detailed data and information about how your web store performs

There’s always room to be better. emarketing reports show you how well you’re connecting with your audience and how much money you’re bringing in. We’ll give you customised tips for improvement, and you can check in from anywhere with our mobile dashboard.

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Analyze all product information in one place

Save time by connecting your store to the world with integrated pricing. Choose the pricing strategy that’s best for your business in a few clicks.

Competitor data table from product name, brand, and ID with advertising information of the competition

Price Analysis

Daily updated data

Extensive Insights

Individual product information

Quick Filters

Use our templates to succeed

Dashboard with ecommerce data from competitors and the price difference from merchants products

Campaign creation

Adjust and compare your advertising campaigns

Put your data to work with advanced campaign management. Make use of more adjustment criteria than ever before and build complex campaigns while targeting your customers with much higher precision.

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Performance filter for PPC advertising with click and conversion data

Extensive Competitor Check

Learn how your products perform compared to your competition

Easily determine the bandwidth of your competitors and exclude individual competitors. The intelligent price comparison shows the exact price of each competitor on Google, Amazon and eBay as well as other strategies to optimise your campaigns.

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Flags from various countries that have Google Shopping support for multinational selling

Smart Campaign Filter

Create an individual expert campaign or let us handle it.

Activate the Auto-Pilot function and let our tool do the work. Alternatively, you can use our smart filters to create an individualized custom campaign - choose between product, performance, price, category, and data feed filters for best results. However, if you know exactly what your products are, you can also target specific products.

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Dashboard tiles with cheaper product information for ecommerce merchants to adjust prices

Multi Country Advertising

Expand your business by selling cross border

Whether you are just starting out or looking for new ways to grow, emarketing will help you create a profitable marketing strategy. Take a peek at our free live webinars or comprehensive guides.

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Dashboard tiles with cheaper product information for ecommerce merchants to adjust prices

Market analysis

Make data-driven decisions and understand your audience

Monitor sales and website activity with revenue reports, and inform your advertising content with purchase data using Google. That means you can learn, refine, and optimise your ad campaigns to grow your business - all in one place.

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Live forcast from a campaign with filter, product, adspend, sales, conversion, and return on investment data with optimization suggestions

AI based Perormance Forecasts

Predict your revenues and conversion rates with ease

Define dynamic campaigns based on predicted behavior. You can then target these groups using smart campaigns and filters, and more, to increase conversions and reduce churn.

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