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The emarketing effect

#1 in Ecommerce Advertising

Advertise products on Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Instagram.

No agencies. No fees. No problem. Advertise, automize, and compete with the easy-to-use campaign creation, competitor analysis, product reports, repricing tools, and more with emarketing for ecommerce merchants.

The emarketing effect

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Multi-channel Marketing for Ecommerce

Advertise on Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram & Amazon

Increase sales with the #1 tool for ecommerce. Setup, manage, analyze, and see results with the advertising platform for ecommerce marketing. Outperforming your competitions has never been easier. No advertising agency necessary.

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Get More Out of Your Ad Budget

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Stress-free Setup

Setup or connect your Google Ads, Merchant Center, Facebook Ads & Amazon advertising accounts in a snap.

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Auto-Optimize for Max Profit

Create smart campaigns, monitor performance and adjust product prices against your competitors.

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Gain Insight

Use data-driven analysis to see which ads, channels, products & countries your ecommerce store performs best.

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The Ecommerce Marketing Platform made for Merchants

Ecommerce’s #1 choice for Google, Facebook, Instagram & Amazon marketing automation and management. Start today with a free competitor analysis and smart shopping campaign setup powered by the powerful emarketing platform.

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All the features you need

Perfect for beginners and experts alike

Easy Setup

Create or connect your Google Ads accounts for a quick start to savings.

Find Competitors

See your top competitors on each platform, products, prices, and more.

Automated Campaigns

Create a AI-powered marketing campaign for your ecommerce store.

Repricing Tools

Connect your shop and adjust your product prices to beat the competition.

International Market Tool

Learn which international markets you are the most competitive in.

Deep Analytics

See campaign performance, statistics, suggestions, and more.

Product check

Ensure data feed quality

Multi country support

Cross border selling


Download (CSV) your aggregated data

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Connect Google Ads account

Already have a Google Ads and Merchant Center Accounts? You can connect them and create Smart and Advanced campaigns with emarketing.

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Create an new account

If you are new to Google or Google Ads, we will set-up everything for you in just 60 seconds. All we need is your email address.


Connect your store and see the emarketing effect

Our easy setup makes connecting your store a snap. Integrations with leading shop systems makes it simple. New to Google Ads or Google Shopping? We’ll set up your accounts for free. Google Ads user or professional? Easily connect your accounts and get started selling more. See all integrations

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"Excellent and easy to use advertising tool for ecommerce merchants. emarketing really outperforms any other marketing solution for Google and Amazon!"

Sabine E.

Supporting Global Ecommerce Entrepreneurs



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Products Advertised

+$3 bn

revenue generated

PrestaShop partner and creator of 'PrestaShop Ads for Google Shopping'.

Alexandre Eruimy,

CEO PrestaShop

Selected as the marketing partner for the top selling “Business in a Box” solution for ecommerce advertising.


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Fastspring chooses eMarketing from all major marketing solution providers worldwide, as the best choice for their merchants.


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